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About temi

What is temi?

temi is the world’s first, truly intelligent, mobile, personal robot for your home. Temi places you at the center of your technology, including smart home devices, online content and video communications – harnessed by the power of your voice, hands-free. Featuring state of the art AI, and a system of sensors and cameras, temi will seamlessly improve your life, perfectly navigating in the most dynamic environment imaginable – your home or office. temi offers you an effortless way to connect with online content and friends. Temi offers an unparalleled personal robot experience, as user friendly as using a light switch.

What does temi do?

temi lets you consume your technology in the most natural way: heads-up and hands-free. temi lets you experience moving video calls, controls all of your smart home devices, lets you enjoy music and videos from any room in the house and is the ultimate AI assistant. temi is an open platform for apps that interact with you including interactive games, educational apps that make learning fun, medical apps and more. When away, temi enables you to connect from your smartphone and physically be inside your home – to spend time with your family, or check that everything is safe

How big is temi?

• 39in H x 14in W x 18in D
• 100cm H x 35cm W x 45cm D

How much does temi cost?

temi costs $1,999 USD.

How will temi improve my life?

temi delivers an immersive user experience that utilizes emerging and sophisticated technology to promote deeper, fuller human connection. You can be connected from anywhere and at any time to the things that matter to you: your friends, your media, your home. It lets you put your smartphone down and stay connected without disengaging you from the life surrounding you. Temi acts as a home hub, personal assistant, entertainment system and can layer many more applications due to its open android platform atop temi’s core applications.

Where is the idea from?

Temi’s founder, Yossi Wolf, conceptualized temi after visiting his grandmother who was shaking so severely, that she could hardly hold a cup of tea. Her inability to do simple tasks made Yossi wonder if there was an easier way for her to connect with her loved ones in today’s world. In that moment, he decided to devote his life to creating temi for her. When he realized all the cool things a personal robot can do, he knew he wanted one for himself.

Why hasn’t this type of product existed until today?

This product has existed in movies and books for decades. However, technology is now mature enough to support its existence at an accessible price. Temi combines emerging technologies like AI and autonomous navigation to create the first affordable personal robot that moves with you while avoiding obstacles atop its personal robotic assistant capabilities. Nothing as sophisticated as temi has been seen on the market.

Is it even a robot? Isn’t it an "Alexa on Wheels"?

You cannot take Amazon’s Alexa and simply add wheels. To make a great product, you need to develop it from the ground up. The mobility aspect that temi has due to our patented Robox brain, enables temi’s autonomous navigation and breakthrough human interaction. Temi opens up a whole new world of ways to serve consumers – in a natural manner, from anywhere in the world with unapparelled interaction.

What does AI mean for you? Does temi have AI?

temi can recognize you, know your preferences and is constantly learning in order to optimize itself to your liking. This is what AI is all about: setting a clear set of rules for learning capabilities in order for a machine to optimize itself to best suit your needs. For example: when you ask temi to go to the kitchen, it will learn the best way to get there by seeing your route. It is constantly learning your preferences to customize its content and actions accordingly.

Why do I need something that follows me around?

temi follows only when ordered to by tapping it’s interaction button situate on top of its display. temi allows you to put your phone down on the wireless charging tray and gives you access to all your technologies in a natural manner – hands-free and heads up while moving freely about your home or office. Using it’s face tracking technology temi adjusts its screen to you whether you are sitting, standing or lying down.

When will temi be available for purchase?

Temi is available now in the US, through our website. You can also get an in-person demonstration through our selected retail partner B8ta.
Temi will be available in Canada and Europe in the upcoming months. Sign-up to our newsletter for updates regarding this matter.

When will temi start shipping?

Our first deliveries are expected to arrive by June 2019

Where can I buy temi?

Temi is available for purchase, in the US, through our website.

Will temi have an app store?

Yes, temi will have an app store to enable you to add games and skills to your temi.

I work for the press and want to know more about temi. Who should I contact?

We would love to connect! Please visit our Press Page here.

Where can I send my feedback?

We look forward to learning what you think of temi. Please share your feedback with us on our Contact page, here.


What are the key specifications of temi?

Learn more, here

Can I customize temi?

You can customize temi by downloading apps into it to fit your needs. temi learns your preferences and is always actively learning to optimize itself to your liking. Any developer can create new apps for temi using its SDK.

Does temi have a personality?

Temi is a smart machine. It does tell jokes and has some wits but temi is strictly a device designed to work for its user. Temi does not have its own way of mind and is not offered as a companion, but offers its user a new and improved way of enjoying its users real-life companions.

Is temi a boy or a girl?

Temi isn’t a “he” or a “she” but an“it”. temi has both a female and male voice.Users can ask temi to “change voice” to their liking. It can switch voice as many time as the user requests it to.

How does temi communicate with people?

temi is harnessed by voice command. temi can understand you, speak with you, and brings visual content to user’s requests.

What languages does temi speak and understand?

Currently, temi speaks and understands English, but additional languages will be forthcoming.

Who makes temi?

Learn more on our About Us page.

Where are temi's headquarters?

temi has headquarters all around the world, including flagship locations in New York, Tel Aviv, Shenzhen and Singapore.

Who founded temi?

temi was founded by CEO, Yossi Wolf.
To learn more about Yossi and the entire temi team, visit our
About Us page.

Is temi open to third party developers?

Yes, temi has an Android OS open source platform that encourages third-party developers to add skills and apps to the platform which allows temi to stay new and innovative in the long run.

Where can I get temi’s SDK?

Sign up at temi’s developers page click here

Does temi constantly follow me around?

No, not unless that is what you would like. Temi’s “follow” feature is activated by voice or by a tap on its interaction button. When this feature is not activated, temi won’t follow you.

What AI engine does temi have?

There are many AI services integrated into temi as well as original content developed by the temi company – all working under the temi virtual assistant

What are temi’s dimensions?

Full dimensions: 39in H x 14in W x 18in D 100cm H x 35cm W x 45cm D

How much does temi weigh?

Temi weighs 25 pounds or 12 kilograms.

Can temi operate itself?

temi can self-navigate but operates exclusively at your command. The users can set sequences for temi to operate on it’s own while away.

Can anyone connect to my temi?

Only a defined administrator of temi can connect to temi, all other users can call temi and connect to it only when an owner accepts their call. While at home, anyone can operate temi.

Does temi recognize me?

Yes, temi gets to know everyone in your home through voice and facial recognition in order to learn their interests and preferences.

Can anyone operate temi?

Yes, temi was developed so that all members of the family can operate it with ease from young children to older generations.

Security & Personal info

Is temi safe? Can it stumble and fall?

Featuring state-of-the-art AI, a system of sensors, and multiple cameras, temi seamlessly enters any room. Using this array of technologies, temi has great mobility and stability over any surface including hard floors, rugs, and room transitions. When temi senses an obstacle it cannot avoid, such as a staircase, it simply stops.

How do you ensure my personal info is safe?

Your privacy is our top priority and we are doing everything we can to ensure its integrity. Temi follows top regulation and quality standards with smart technology components that protect devices from hacking threats. We fully encrypt your data when sent over the internet and while stored in our cloud storage platform.
We utilize Amazon Web Services to help create a secure cloud platform. Amazon’s security policies can be found here.
Additionally, you can take temi off-line at any time by holding its interaction button till the UI indicates “offline mode” or turn temi off with the touch of a button when not in use.

Can temi run over my child or pet?

temi navigates autonomously around your home and uses revolutionary algorithms to avoid obstacles, with dynamic path-planning and an understanding of 360-degree depth. Temi can move around toys, pets, and even avoid staircases. When temi sees an obstacle that it cannot avoid, it simply stops.

How stable or strong is temi?

temi is as stable as a chair and strong as any piece of furniture in the home. temi’s tray holds up to 3 kilos or 6 pounds which allows you to carry small items from one room to the other.

Is temi safe for kids?

We take the safety of your children very seriously. temi is safe for all children and can be easily operated by children ages three and up.

Does temi have an age limit?

temi is designed to be very intuitive and can be used by the whole family, children three and up can start enjoying temi.

Does temi send my information to someone else?

No, all of your information is secured. We will not share your information with anyone else and will only use your information to improve your user experience. We encrypt your data when it is sent over the internet and while it is stored in our cloud storage platform. We utilize Amazon Web Services to help create a secure cloud platform. Amazon’s security policies can be found here.

Does temi have a cloud system?

Yes, temi has a secure and regulated cloud system. We utilize Amazon Web Services to help create a secure cloud platform. Amazon’s security policies can be found here.


When will temi be available?

temi is available now in the US, through our website. You can also get an in-person demonstration through our selected retail partner B8ta. .
temi will be available in Canada and Europe in the upcoming months, sign-up to our newsletter for updates regarding this matter.

Where do I order temi?

temi is available now in the US, through our website.

Where will temi ship? Will temi ship internationally?

temi is currently shipping exclusively in the U.S. We will begin shipping internationally shortly. We encourage you to sign-up to our newsletter and follow our social media pages to learn more about temi’s international arrival.

Will you send temi to my house?

Yes, temi will be sent directly to your mailing address, inside its box you will find temi’s Home Base and a user manual.


Does temi have wireless capabilities?

Yes, temi can connect to your home WiFi network.

Does temi have Bluetooth capabilities?

Yes, temi is Bluetooth compatible.

Do I need to connect temi to my home WiFi network?

Yes, in order to take advantage of temi’s full capabilities, you should connect to your home/office WiFi network.

Do I need to add all my contacts?

All the contacts that have the temi app will be automatically synced to your temi.

What operating system does temi have?

temi has an Android operating system.

Can I connect to temi from my mobile device?

Yes, one of temi’s core features is its mobile remote access.

How do I turn temi on and off?

Simply press and hold the power button located on temi’s “neck” where it’s display connects to temi’s body.


Can temi move on carpets?

temi can move smoothly on any indoor surface including carpets, hardwood, and tiles. Using it’s adaptive motor control temi recognises different surfaces and adjusts its torque accordingly.

Can temi climb stairs?

No, temi will stop immediately if it encounters a staircase. temi uses its advanced AI system to prevent it from falling or crashing into anything.

Can I use temi outside my house?

No, temi is an indoor robot and we encourage you to enjoy it in your home or at your office for optimal performance.

What can I put on temi’s tray?

temi’s smart tray is designed to charge your smartphone and carry small lightweight objects such as a water bottle, keys, or glasses.

Can temi move it's head?

Yes, temi’s face-tracking mechanism will adjust its screen to you when you use it so you can enjoy it whether you are standing, sitting, or even lying down.

The temi app

What is the temi app?

The temi app enables you to connect to your temi from your smartphone. Using the app, you can virtually move through your home from anywhere in the world to roam around and spend time with your loved ones or to check and make sure that things are safe at home.

Where do I download the app?

The temi app is available for download on the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Do I need WiFi to connect the app?

The mobile app needs to be connected to the internet either by Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Is the temi app accessible to both IOS and Android users?

Yes! The temi app is available for download on the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Does the temi app work on all IOS/Android devices?

Yes! The temi app is available for download on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.


Does temi have live-streaming capabilities?


Can I record/store a video from temi’s camera? Where is it stored?

Yes. Simply ask temi to take a video and it will record your best moments at home, it will immediately sync to your activity stream on the temi app from which you can share to your social media platforms. All of your personal videos are also stored in the cloud.

When is temi’s camera on?

temi has two cameras for recording and taking pictures that only turn on when you ask temi to take a video or when you video-call temi via your smartphone. With one click of a button, you can turn off all of temi’s cameras.

Can anyone see me through temi’s camera?

The cameras are secured with high standards and smart technology components to protect the user from privacy threats.


Does temi have a battery?

Yes. temi has a Lithium Ion battery which lasts 8 hours of continuous use.

How long is temi’s battery life?

temi’s Lithium Ion battery lasts for eight hours. When temi needs to be recharged it will automatically return to its Home Base (charging dock).

How can I tell when the battery is running low?

temi has a battery indicator on its screen, you will receive a notification when it is under 20 % and temi will automatically return to its Home Base (charging dock).

How does temi’s battery recharge?

temi comes with a Home Base, which is the charging station that temi automatically returns to when it needs to recharge.


What kind of devices support the temi app?

All iOS and Android devices are supported.

What kind of IOS hubs & smart devices does temi connect to?

temi is able to connect to any smart-home protocol which develops a temi app. We will continuously add new devices and services as time goes on.

Technical Support

Do you have customer support?

Yes. We support our customers through web-chat, phone and email.
All of our contact information can be found on our website.

Do you have a service center?

Yes. If our customer service isn’t able to resolve an issue remotely, a courier will ship your temi to our service center for an in-person resolution.